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Hotel Credit Card Fraud: Are you a target?

Credit card fraud is widespread and growing. I’m sure we’ve all had an experience (or at least know someone who has) where a credit card was perhaps stolen or used illegally. I recently saw a story on about how using a debit card for hotel reservations is not smart and how travelers could potentially become a victim of credit card fraud by doing so. It reminded me about the importance of this element of travel safety and I thought I’d share a few ideas about how to avoid possible fraud when booking hotels for your next trip.
1.  Never use a debit card. If your card is compromised your entire checking account balance could be a target.
2.  Use a credit card that has fraud insurance.
3.  For corporations who book hotels: check in using a prepaid one-time-use credit card option like the ones AirPlus or Wright Express offer.
4.  Be aware of your surroundings and watch for shoulder surfers and when giving your credit card info to the hotel desk.
It never hurts to be conscious of the potential threats out there.
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