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Take Advantage of Airlines’ Comfort Economy Seats

Many years ago I flew to Europe on British Air. My husband and I are both tall and we dread long haul flights crammed into coach seating, so I paid (at the time) a few hundred dollars more for the “premium economy seats” that allowed more leg room and more recline.

Since then, I’ve often wondered why our domestic carriers never had this option. You either had to “pony up” for business/first class or were crammed into coach – nothing in between.

But finally our air partners are offering that “something in between”–comfort economy seating. These seats offer extra leg room and extra recline not just on long haul international flights but on domestic flights as well. Domestic seats can be upgraded from $29 each way, depending on the itinerary. Or for an international flight example–Salt Lake City to Paris can be upgraded to Delta’s Economy Comfort seats for about $120 each way.

On a recent domestic flight where I had purchased the upgrade for my husband and myself, he commented, “These seats are great. I’d even pay a little more for these.” I just smiled.

After I issue air tickets for my clients, I review these options with them and get the seats they want so that perhaps they can enjoy their trip just a little bit more.

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