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The Best Seat On The Plane


At the end of the year, business travelers scramble to make sure they have the required number of miles or segments to ensure the retainment of their airline status. Besides wanting additional points, free bags, free tickets, and the ability to get through security lines faster, one of the number one reasons for this is to GET BETTER SEATS. The typical goal for a seasoned business traveler is to be seated on an aisle at the front of the plane. But is this really the best seat?

Discovery TV recently purposely crashed a Boeing 727 loaded with more than $500K worth of crash test dummies, 38 specialized cameras and sensors, and a crew of skydiving pilots to better understand how passengers can protect themselves if their aircraft goes down.

First, the good news is that 96% of crash victims survive. Here are 6 lessons they learned from the crash test as reported by Reader’s Digest.

  1. Opt for an exit row. The best seat in the house during the crash simulation was in the rear emergency exit row.
  2. Sit in the back. Book a seat in or behind the eighth row. The safest seats are closest to the tail.
  3. Dress Comfortably. Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants that will not restrict your movement. Opt for wool or a flame resistant fiber.
  4. Buckle up and sit straight. Keep you seat belt on at ALL times. To reduce injury during increased turbulence, put your head against the back of the seat in front of you and place your hands on your head.
  5. Don’t hold on to children. We all try and save money but, this is one place not to do it. Parents were not able to hold on to their children during a crash. Pay the extra money and put your child in a car seat.
  6. Stay Alert. The risk of an accident is particularly high during take off and landing. Keep your headphones off, don’t fall asleep, and stay alert during this critical time.

Now, keep in mind that, according to an MIT study, you could take a single flight every day for 38,000 years before dying in a plane crash.

I am guilty of wanting the aisle seat in the front of the plane when I travel but, we all have choices and maybe sitting in the back of the plane is not such a bad idea!

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