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The Value of the Dreaded Service Fee

Many of you are aware that when booking travel, airfare, hotel, and car you are charged a service fee. These fees are charged whether you book online directly with the airline, with an online travel source such as Orbitz, as well as through a Travel Management Company like Christopherson Andavo Travel.
The question that arises, especially during this cost conscious time is, what value do I receive with this service fee?
With many online sources they cannot provide you with value. However, as a Travel Management Company (TMC) our job is to offer value with that service fee. A value that sets us apart from other booking sources. A value that can prove your company’s ROI (Return on Investment) with specific reports, experience and expertise.
Christopherson Travel has developed many proprietary technology tools that will show our value to your company and your travelers.
Value such as service, special negotiated fares, hotel and car savings, as well as reporting tools. With an average of 26 years experience with all of our agents, you can count on superior service!
To me, value and ROI are more important than the negative connotation of a “service fee”.
For inquiries on your ROI with Christopherson or any proprietary technology tools to assist your travel program please visit our website or speak with your agent today!

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