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Travel Agent Working from 30,000 feet

Christopherson Business Travel is known for its’ amazing agents who go above and beyond expectations to serve our clients needs, but one agent recently took that to a whole new level…30,000 feet to be exact.
Our agent Jack was on a cross country trip which required a connecting flight. After sitting on the tarmac for an hour at his departure city he knew he would never make his connecting flight. Once his flight finally took off and rose to 10,000 feet he was allowed to access his electronic devices and connected his laptop to the new in-flight WiFi service. This allowed Jack to connect to our computer reservation system and re-accommodate himself on a later connecting flight.
The passenger next to Jack noticed what he was doing and asked if he could help him with his misconnection. Soon the concerned passengers across the aisle were soliciting his expertise as well. Jack is a frequent flyer and had been upgraded to first class on this flight. In a short time he had worked out travel arrangements for all 12 of the first class passengers. Conveniently 6 of them were Christopherson customers so the task was especially smooth.
Once the flight attendant learned what the onboard Christopherson agent was capable of she had him assisting her with all the concerned passengers in coach as well.
Although you may not find Jack or another Christopherson agent on your next delayed flight, you are just a click away from connecting with one of our agents via our exclusive AirPortal® or your with your email service.  No longer do you need to wait until you land to find out what your options are.
With U.S. airlines working night and day to outfit their planes with in-flight wireless access you too can have our travel management services at 30,000 feet.

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