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Funny how people react to events differently. A very long time ago , I worked was doing public relations work with a firm that brought health care services to remote rural communities. We typically flew to the different locations on small private planes either manned by the company’s own pilot and occasionally just a contracted pilot.
On one particular trip, we had a contracted pilot and we were flying to somewhere in North Dakota. The flight was bumpy. It was literally hailing on one side of the plane and raining on the other . The other passenger kept asking the pilot if he could just go lower or higher to get out of the storm –he just kept on flying through the storm.
Years later I ran into the other passenger. She went on about how awful the flight was. Scared her so much she rented a car to drive back home. She was amazed that I told her after I left that company I went into the travel agency business and have loved it for 29 years.
One characteristic you will find in each travel agent here at Christopherson Travel is a love of travel. Even with the many challenges in the travel industry, the agents enjoy visiting new places , experiencing new resorts, cruises, hotels and destinations. This experience offers our travelers a wealth of knowledge that goes into planning your next trip. If you are going to Los Angeles, Singapore or pretty much any destination, there is an travel agent at Christopherson Travel that is familiar with the area and can advise you on your trip.

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