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TravelAcumen® – Travel Manager Suite

TravelAcumen® provides the Travel Manager access to robust travel management tools.


Over the years, Christopherson Andavo Travel has created a powerful group of proprietary technology tools for travel management. Most of these tools were developed to provide a solution to specific challenges that our clients presented to us.
We realized we needed a branded, single-sign-on portal that would provide travel managers keen insight into their travel program, all in real time.
We have now taken our technology to a whole new level by integrating ALL of our technology tools into two powerful travel portals:
AirPortal® ? Traveler Communication Suite
Communicates better with travelers to improve their travel experience

TravelAcumen® ? Travel Manager Suite
Reduces a company’s travel spend through improved travel management

  • AirBank® – Audit, catalog, enforce and report reuse of your unused tickets
  • Hotel & Car Re-Check® – Monitors lodging and transportation reservations for lower rates
  • HotelPrepayLogic™ – Secure payment for a hotel guest’s prior to check-in
  • ValueLogic® – Measure the ROI on your travel management program
  • SecurityLogic® – Global security and crisis management platform
  • ProfileLogic® – Advanced profile management
  • DataLogic® – Travel spend analytics

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