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Traveling Green – What is your Carbon Footprint?

In honor of Earth Day last Friday, I thought I would share with you how companies large and small are looking at their carbon footprints. As an account manager, recently I have had companies request data regarding their carbon footprint and miles flown. It got me thinking about who the greenest companies are within the travel industry. Some of the information I was able to find took me by surprise.
There are several reports providing information regarding ‘green’ airlines. Southwest Airlines even has a ‘green’ plane. There are many websites providing information regarding rankings, but it appears that Delta, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic and Southwest rank at the top with United and U.S. Airlines at the bottom of the list.
Marriott comes in number one for hotels followed by Hyatt, Hilton and Starwood hotels. Kimpton Hotels also have stringent ‘green’ rules for their hotels with their EarthCare Program.
Car rental companies shouldn’t be left out of the equation; they are trying to do their part as well. National & Enterprise are in the process of planting 5 million trees. And all the major car rental companies offer hybrid cars in effort to help others with their sustainability efforts.
If you are a Christopherson Business Travel client, you can contact your account manager for reports that will give you your carbon footprint and even how your footprint compares to the footprint of other companies.

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