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True value doesn’t come in just hardware.  True value often comes in everyday things that we use to make our lives less complicated and cumbersome. I’ve noticed that true value is often over looked and those things of most value are often ignored, neglected, or we have not been informed of the value.

This week I have found some often neglected true value to be of great value.  Christopherson Business Travel offers many items of value to those they serve.  The product that I most enjoyed this week is the ValueLogic® report.
The ValueLogic® report can be found within AirPortal® and offers valuable information regarding cost savings for a company’s bottom line.  These savings are generated by seasoned agents who are skilled in finding the best fares and negotiated rates that you most likely will not be offered by calling the airlines directly and definitely not found by using search engines and booking your travel on-line.
Travel Agents at Christopherson Business Travel document these cost savings using a program developed by our in-house talented IT team.  This not only allows you as a customer to see where and how we are able to save you money, but it allows are agents to track their performance as well.
Each time your travel agent saves you money, it is coded to a particular category and a dollar amount is recorded.  At any time you are able to log-in to AirPortal® and run the ValueLogic® report and see your savings. Some people think they are saving money by booking travel themselves or using an on-line booking tool instead of paying the full-service agent fee.  However, with the ValueLogic® report you are able to see that with the savings that a travel agent is able to capture, you are actually saving money by using a full-service travel agent rather than using other methods of booking travel.
Listed below are some of the categories where savings are generated~

  • Christopherson Business Travel negotiated rates for both air, car & hotel
  • The ability to void a ticket prior to the close of the next business day, if you trip is cancelled within that time frame.
  • Airline seating upgrades
  • Tracking unused airline tickets
  • Offering alternate itineraries (airlines, airports, times)
  • Use of our recheck tool that continually checks for lower car & hotel prices

If you are not a customer of Christopherson Business Travel, contact a member of our Business Development Team, if you are a current customer, then check with your dedicated Account Manager to learn more about the TruValue of the ValueLogic® report.

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