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Why Use Travel GPA’s Benchmarking Service?

Last week’s UBTA meeting brought to its Salt Lake City members a great solution to benchmark travel spend. Denice Key explained the how’s and why’s of Travel GPA to the numerous corporate travel managers who attended the meeting. Here are some key facts:
Once a company can determine travel management goals through Travel GPA’s service,  that company is shown the achievable savings associated with those goals. Travel GPA makes recommendations on key areas to drive their savings. Travel GPA answers:

  • How is my travel program performing today?
  • How can I get instant analysis on my travel program’s ROI?
  • Is my program trending in a positive or negative direction?
  • How does my company compare against companies of similar size, region, industry and  travel policy?

Because Christopherson feels so strongly about this service and how effectively it enhances a company’s ability to find solutions to improve ROI, Travel GPA will be offered to all Christopherson clients. For more information about Travel GPA, check out a previous blog, “What Is Travel GPA?”  To discuss how we can incorporate this and other tools into your corporate travel program, please email me or give me a call at or 801-327-7617.

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