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World’s Top Airports Moving to Paperless Travel

Did you know that the world’s top airports are moving to paperless travel?
Most of the world’s leading airport operators (80%) intend to make passenger self-service the primary channel for check-in, according to a new global survey. And 52% rated the introduction of “electronic documents” as the technology which will have the most significant impact at airports in the near future, initially driven by the adoption of bar-coded boarding passes sent directly to mobile phones – a key enabler for genuinely paperless travel.
63% of all airports already have check-in kiosks which will further increase to 90 % by 2012. When asked about their strategy for kiosk usage, most airports plan to increase the number of kiosks further, whether for check-in (44%) or for new functionality (9 %) such as passport scanning (from 32% today to 58% by 2012) and bag-tag printing (from 17% today to 51% by 2012). New usage areas receiving the highest interest are:

  • Common bag-drop locations – 12% today to 48% by 2012;
  • Automated boarding gates – 8 % today to 42% by 2012;
  • Self-service kiosk for passenger transfer services, – 11% today to 39 % by 2012;
  • Self service kiosk to report lost baggage – 5% today to 36% by 2012.

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Information provided by:  The 6th annual SITA Airport IT Trends survey, co-sponsored by Airline Business and the Airports Council International As of Nov 4, 2009.

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